All mandalas on Mandala Code are originals, using acrylic paint, coloured pencil, ink, and/or marker on acid-free paper (9″x12″ or 22.9cm x 30.5cm).

They are inspired by dreams, personal experiences, patterns and energies, and current events, including astrological. Through the colours, motifs, and juxtaposition, the mandalas are coded with specific energy and are evocative on different levels.

If you are drawn to a mandala, please leave a comment on the page. We would love to hear from you.

The mandalas shared on the website and our Facebook page (with a few exceptions) are available for purchase.  Please contact Mandala Code using the website contact form or by messaging us via the Mandala Code Facebook page.  Alternatively you can use the “Send Enquiry” button on the individual Mandala page.

Mandala Code also offers custom mandalas. A personal mandala is specific and special to you. Perhaps it is frequencies or messages that may be helpful, supportive or inspirational for you. A mandala is wonderful to behold, whether you are going through a difficult and challenging time, celebrating an occasion, or looking for a special way of remembrance.

Mandalas are €50 or €80 for custom work. A brief description/commentary is included with custom mandalas. Shipping is not included. The mandalas ship from either Singapore or Germany.

Mandala Code also creates Dragon mandalas (€80). Dragon mandalas anchor a very specific and powerful energy.

Earth Dragon

Artist Statement on Earth Dragon (October 2013)

The marriage of worlds within; the integration of lifetimes of experience; the re-alignment of fragmented timelines; the restoration of dreamtime creativity; the deepening of inner depths; roots firmly anchored on Earth; gifts in abundance for eyes that see, ears that hear, hearts that feel, knowing that knows..

“As below, so above; and as above, so below. With this knowledge alone you may work miracles.” ~Translation of the Emerald Tablet by Fulcanelli

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